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My own spiritual journey has been long and rewarding. I have studied Shamanism and Spiritualism, and I have worked within native culture Dream Time. When I lived in Ireland, I studied a beautiful way of knowing, Celtic Spirit
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My own spiritual journey has been long and rewarding. I have studied Shamanism and Spiritualism, and I have worked within native culture Dream Time. When I lived in Ireland, I studied a beautiful way of knowing, Celtic Spiritualism. With guidance from Spirit Guides and beloved Angels, I am able to give the advice you need about your present and future, and I will be happy to share results of my healing Light Work. I have exceptional accuracy in predicting time frames. Helping you in whatever way I can is my honor and a blessing for both of us.

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Advisor Interview
Over the years I have been asked similar questions. I thought I would share my answers here. I have been asked how did I start working as a psychic medium. Over the years I have had a gift of knowing. I have communicated with Spirits, Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and the Angelic Hierarchy. I never felt alone. There was someone there to talk to and help me when I had difficulties.
When children on the playground injured themselves I was first to comfort them and then taking them to the nurses office. People would start speaking to me for no reason at all. Telling me their happiness and their sorrows. As I became an adult I was asked specific questions. I would help by giving them the answers they needed or guide them in the direction to help them make the decision.

I did a consultation for a woman one time. She was concerned about her two pregnant daughters. One was three months pregnant and the other seven months. Her daughters had both suffered miscarriages and were afraid their pregnancies would end the same way. First I tuned into the daughter who was three months pregnant. I felt fluttering. I was elated feeling the joy the woman will feel when she feels her baby's movements. I felt life and love and full term. I then looked at the women carrying at seven months. I felt her baby roll inside me. It felt wonderful, full of life and love. I told the woman who had called me that she would have two strong, healthy and happy grandchildren. After the call ended I had become emotional. I was recuperating from a hysterectomy and to feel the babies moving inside me touched my heart.

Its a great feeling to hear back from a caller who is updating you on the results of their consultations. I enjoy helping you find a peaceful solution to your situations. I have recently had the occasion to predict correct time frames for one of my callers. I have told her that its her faith and the efforts she takes that helps make your wishes and desires come to fruition.

Whether its predicting time frames, love, careers and finances its a blessing to be able to help guide you.

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