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Guiding clients to strength and purpose
I’ve had many years of experience guiding clients to strength and purpose through challenging times through natal chart, relationship and predictive astrology. This includes career, relationships, spiritual fulfilment etc..
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After seeing a ghost when living in California at age seventeen (2009) I went and saw a psychic medium who explained why I was more aware of these type of energies was because I was psychically sensitive. From there I began my journey of understanding metaphysical and spiritual peneomena. This included a passion for dreams and interpretation techniques, crystals, feng shui, energy healing, psychic development, meditation, astrology and many other modalities along these lines.
It wasn't until moving back from Berkeley, CA in 2011 to Santa Cruz, CA where I decided to begin reading Tarot cards. I did my readings at a booth on the street In Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Berkeley, CA. I didn't read much about the Tarot before doing my readings. I was just guided more by a sense of "knowing" a deep feelings and this sense of messages coming to through my thoughts. I really enjoyed helping people through their challenges, whether that was finding direction, love, work, health, finances, grief etc..I knew this was my purpose and was something that was necessary for the planet.
I began doing readings at a metaphysical bookstore the Sacred Grove in Santa Cruz, CA for a year. There I gave Tarot reading, began doing Numerology readings and Astrology readings for my clients.
This soon transformed into setting up an online business and doing only Astrology sessions with clients. I found that my experience with the Tarot cards was an excellent training tool for my intuition and I began to study natal charts, predictive astrology and relationship astrology. I found that an astrology chart spoke to me in way that was a lot clearer than the Tarot cards. I would study and observe the energies of the different signs and planets through  people charts and astrological events. I began to get a very confident feel for these energies and how I could utilize them to inspire strength and purpose in my clients. To be a coach of some sorts, yet it also transformed me as a person as I came to understand my most authentic self better.
In 2015 I began an online course in Modern Shamanism, a form of shamanism that was created for people living in a modern society to apply to their life. Originating from the jungles of Peru, this course transformed my experience of reality and helped me create a strong, solid, trusting connection with spirit guides and my healing powers.I have also spoke at lectures and taught Astrology classes, I feel my gift is to inspire strength and purpose in my clients through challenging times through astrological coaching and shamanism.
Currently In 2020 I accept readings from clients face to face, over chat and email who are dealing with quite number of challenges. My business runs by word of mouth referells. My main strength is natal chart reading which reveals a clients true authentic mission in life, yet I also do predictive astrology and synastry where I support my clients in discovering their themes, desires, emotions and needs in relationships .
Career/Work Breakups/Divorce Commitment-phobia Destiny/Life Path Love/Relationships
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Astrology - Western Clairsentient Clairaudient Empath
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What to expect from your first reading

I am clairaudient, a practicing shaman and empath. I Interpret your natal chart with many years of experience and through information channeled from my spirit guides.

My reading style is astrology coaching. This is to support you to create strength and purpose through challenging times.

The first step is I will place your birth chart info into my computer program to calculate your natal chart. The information I need is your birth date, year of birth and accurate time of birth as stated on your birth certificate. From here you can then select one of the three readings below;

The classic natal chart reading
This reading will give you a clear insight into your true evolving, natural, authentic self through exploration of the signs, planets houses and even the nodes. We will have a compassionate, interactive diologue to support you manifesting your strengths and purpose.

Love and Relationships reading will reveal  a unique map of your themes, desires, emotions and needs in relationships.

Predictive Reading
This reading will support you in navigating with confidence through past, present and future planetary cycles and transits. You will be empowered to make choices to create the future that you prefer.
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