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How do I register?
Simply follow the instructions in the registration process, where we'll ask for your email address and invite you to choose a user name and password. If you’ve selected someone to talk to, we may ask you to provide further information such as your phone number in order to connect you.

On PsychicCenter, we'll give you $5 to get live or recorded advice from the advisor of your choice. After you’ve used your $5, we’ll ask you to provide a valid credit card. Your phone number will not be billed.

Why am I registering with PsychicCenter if I want to use PsychicCenter?
PsychicCenter is the company which provides the "live advice" technology which lets you talk to advisors on PsychicCenter.

What are the benefits of registering with PsychicCenter?
When you register with an email address and password you use on PsychicCenter, you'll have the convenience of using the same email address, user name and password to access your account on any website that is Psychic Center.

Is my personal information safe with PsychicCenter?
Always -- your privacy is very important to PsychicCenter. Because we call both you and the person you talk to when you're using PsychicCenter, your name, phone number and other personal information are never revealed. PsychicCenter is a licensee of TRUSTe, a third-party “watchdog” which audits our privacy practices to make sure that we meet the standards of TRUSTe's Privacy Program.

Moreover, PsychicCenter is now Powered by Ingenio, which uses secure socket layer (SSL) software, the industry standard for secure e-commerce transactions. SSL software encrypts all of your personal information, including your name, address and credit card number, so that the data cannot possibly be read as it travels over the Internet.
(Learn more about our privacy policy.)

Why do you need my phone number?
When you find someone you want to talk to and click their Call Button, we'll connect the two of you over the phone without disclosing either of your numbers.

Can I use PsychicCenter if I only have one phone line?
Yes, you can make and receive calls even if you use one line to go online and make phone calls.
(Learn more about completing calls using one line.

Once I register, do I always have to sign in when I come to the site?
Yes. To protect the privacy of your account, we'll always ask you to sign in before accessing your personal information. However, you can browse our topic areas without signing in.

Note: If you're visiting another website that is Psychic Center, you may use your same email address and password to sign in, but you may be asked to review and accept the member agreement of that website.

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  the Basics

The Basics:
Registering - Psychic Center - User Names - Password - One-Line Users - Payment Info - My Account