Creating Listings

How can potential customers find me on PsychicCenter?
Customers can either search specifically for your user name or find you in our directory (on the home page), through the listings you create to describe yourself and your areas of knowledge and interest.
Are my listings important?
Yes. They are the place where you introduce yourself to your potential customer. Here are some tips on creating great listings, and some examples of listings that are already successful.
How do I create a listing?
New advisors should click the Give Advice link at the top of the home page. Advisors who already have listings can go to the My Listings page on My Account and click on either "Give Live Advice" or "Give Live Advice."
You can also update or delete any of your listings by clicking "Edit Listing" on the My Listings page.
Note: No single word in your listing may be more than 15 characters long. In order for your listing title not to be cut off, you'll need to put some spaces in between words that are more than 15 characters long.
Can I create listings in different categories and topics?
Yes. You can create 6 live advice listings per category and 1 Live Advice listing per topic.