Get Notified of Great Promotions and Offers

How do I opt in/out to receive promotions?
Visit Personal Information, then select Notifications Settings and check or uncheck the box for PsychicCenter News and Offers on the next page.
How do I redeem promotions?
When you receive an e-mail with a promotional offer, click on the redemption button in your email. You will be asked to login to you PsychicCenter account using your email/username and password. Once logged in you will either see a banner at the top of your account stating the available offer where you can click Redeem Now and follow the steps.
Please note funds must be added through the special promotion page for your promotional credit to be applied. Adding funds will not automatically redeem an offer.
How many days do I have to redeem a promotion?
Most promotions, unless otherwise stated, have 5 days to be redeemed. Once redeemed, all promotional credit must be used within the disclosed time frame, otherwise it will expire.
Can I request a refund for the funds I added to redeem a promotion?
Yes, you may request a refund for funds used to redeem a PsychicCenter promotion if no part of the promotional credit has been used and the offer is expired.
Can I request a refund for my promotional balance?
No, promotions cannot be credited to a method of payment.
How can I check for promotions I redeemed?
Please visit Transaction Details to see your recently redeemed promotions.
What happens when a promotion expires?
Unused promotional credits are removed from your balance, however, any funds you added to redeem this offer will remain in your account.
When are promotions sent out?
Promotions are sent out by our Marketing Team on an irregular schedule and we recommend checking your e-mail (inbox/junk folders) to make sure you are not missing out on any of these great offers.
PsychicCenter also has the AstroRewards program, to credit you back 10% of what you spend for each month you spend $50 or more.
What should I do if the conversation I used my promotional credit was unsatisfactory?
You can reach out to Customer Service for a review, however, PsychicCenter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve, deny or issue a partial credit for any promotional funds request.