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Emerald Phoenix
Emerald Phoenix
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Empathic Faerie Oracle
Get the gentle support of a Shadowscape tarot, the long-sighted wisdom of ancient runes, or the delightful snark of a Faerie Oracle. You already know what you need; I'm just here to help you find it.
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About Me
I have often felt that many people have special gifts - but not everyone chooses to use them, or is even aware that they exist. I come from a family of many talents. My mother is also a reiki healer and specializes in medical readings. Comparatively, my brother has never used his gifts professionally - he has never even fully acknowledged his gift to me - but he is very skilled with finding lost items or knowing when a specific person is in danger.

I began learning oracle in 2006 for entertainment purposes. To my surprise, the results of my readings were more successful than I had expected. It only took a couple daring tries of ignoring the advice of my cards to decide I would not be doing that again! It was not long before I was giving reading for others. I have taken great joy in providing spiritual counsel and support for my clients ever since.
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Skills & Methods
Empath Pendulum Tarot Runes Reiki
Advisor Interview
Although I have given readings on a variety of subjects, my specialty is as an Empathic Oracle; providing spiritual insight into the problems that haunt our hearts - with the help of my delightful Brian Froud Faerie Oracle deck.

In addition to my use of Oracle divination cards, tarot cards, and runes, I also utilize a Tiger's Eye pendulum during many readings, to clarify yes/no questions. In the past, I have also given readings through spiritual channel of a particular helper spirit, though she will not emerge for everyone.
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