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Enchanted Witch
Enchanted Witch
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Accurate Psychic Empath: Love, Money, Career
I am able to tap into others to tell you what you need to know. I am both psychic and witch. I have the ability to shed light where you need to give you the answers you seek. I am straightforward and honest with compassion.
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About Me
With over 40 years of experience as a professional psychic witch. I provide a unique integration of the intuitive arts with a keen psychological insight. on emotions, and sometimes, I even hear the thoughts of people around me. This discovery eventually led me to research and explore many aspects of spiritual and psychic phenomenon in an attempt to understand my abilities.
As I grew in understanding, my gifts also altered and expanded to encompass my new knowledge. I was reading people around me from an early age of 12.. I began to realize that my abilities did not just apply to the living and I began working with spirits. This experience opened up a new ability for me, the ability to communicate with the dead in order to help others within the present and future. During this time I also started seeing visions of events that would unfold. Sometimes these events would happen immediately but sometimes it would be months or even years before these events came to pass. I was 18 when I first began using the Tarot, pendulum board and Ouija. Working with these tools gave a great deal of specificity to the images I was seeing and added new dimensions to my understanding of the psychic process.
Since then, my abilities have been refined by a wide array of life experiences and metaphysical growth. Today I continue my journey of spiritual exploration and development in an effort, not only to foster my personal growth, but also to guide those who seek my assistance in any way I am able.
Infidelity Grief Love/Relationships Breakups/Divorce Commitment-phobia
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairvoyant Clairsentient Empath Tarot
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I am a good balance of compassion and directness. You can expect the ~ TRUTH ~. I ask that you make sure you are prepared emotionally and mentally so that you cannot obstruct the flow of energy, which is very important in assuring that our reading will be successful. I am here to help and guide, to give you the information you need.

It is helpful if you have questions ready. The more specific the question the better I am able to give you specific answers. I am here for you, to help you, to guide you. I look forward to helping you.
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