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.I gained my gifts after a traumatic surgery. I 'hear' people's thoughts and communicate with the unseen.
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I was given my gifts after a traumatic throat and neck surgery. As I healed I could 'hear' people's thoughts and communicate with the unseen. I hear, see pictures, and feel my guides information. As a medium I can hear and see in my mind's eye those who passed over. These gifts have grown stronger and more natural to me since 1998. My accuracy has been confirmed via Internet, radio and in-person readings. I am known and respected for my natural gifts, honesty, compassion, and sense of humor. I offer assistance and comfort to my clients on their life path at a soul level. My many repeat clients have trusted my spiritual information to find answers and encourage positive changes. I pride myself with being very honest with my clients. With truth we find peace and clarity to go forward in our lives to be happier and more fulfilled. Call me - I am here to help you find happiness and abundance.

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Advisor Interview
Ever wanted to meet your favorite advisor? Get to know her or him a bit better? From time to time we will bring you interviews with PsychicCenter advisors. Here is where you can read how they found out what special gifts they have, how they developed their skills, and why we think they are so good at guiding us on our life path. If this interview inspires you, just give them a call.

How and when did you first find out about your 'psychic abilities'?
As a small child my mother told me of situations where I could see people who had passed. Especially when my grandmother died, I myself, around 4 years old, remember seeing her eyes in my bedroom from the first night she passed and for several days later. I would always have feelings about things about to happen and warn people of what I felt. But what opened up "Pandora's Box", as I refer to it, happened after a long and complicated neck and thyroid surgery and a very slow recovery. It was as if several radio stations were playing in my head all at once. Except it was not a radio broadcast it was peoples' thoughts. It was very scary to say the least, but I learned with help from gifted friends to control the conversations with my guides and block those outside influences whenever possible.

How was it growing up with these special skills. Are they natural talents or did you study and develop them?
As a child and throughout my life, I was fortunate to have a supportive mother who believed in gifts. My grandmother and her grandmother were gifted in many ways so it was not considered strange or weird in my family. Since I never studied or "practiced" any form of psychic exercises my gifts were just given to me. I guess you can call that natural. I never did anything except pay attention. I did work on myself to become happier and more grounded through trying to make healthy, positive choices and doing things that I enjoyed. As my life improved my gifts got stronger and more varied. I am blessed to have had it so easy receiving my gifts.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?
Yes, but developing gifts and mastering them are two different things. What I mean to say is that everyone has the gifts within them and they can use tools to access them but true psychic ability is when a person can present information without judgment or opinion. I have found that someone who is humble and understands that they are only a conduit and a messenger will develop skills faster. It also takes, I feel, a person truly at peace with themselves in order to be really open and accurate in gathering and communicating with the unseen. True psychic ability blossoms as a person shifts from believing to knowing through sheer faith not arrogance. We all have the ability; the challenge is how we get there when it is not just handed to us.

What type of mentality do you think it takes to develop these skills?
As I mentioned above, the more at peace and uncluttered your life is, the easier it is to master skills. Most of the readers I have been fortunate to know seem to share a strong believe in God, universal energy, or higher power of nature. It seems that is what we all "tap" into besides our guides, angels, and other spiritual beings that enable us to do our work. Also what I feel must be present is a heartfelt desire to help others with honesty and without expectation. We as psychics provide guidance and information but we should also respect what our clients do with it. They have free will and will exercise their right to develop at their own pace. Patience and respect aid greatly in developing gifts and abilities.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities 'on' or 'off' when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them 'on'.
I do not think I ever really turn them 'off'. I just don't pay attention to the chatter. I divert my attention to what I am doing or who I am with at the time. But my guides need to put their 'two cents' in it will usually come out my mouth if I am not careful. It is always appropriate so no one ever minds. As I mentioned earlier, my gifts were pretty much to some degree always around me. I never had to do anything except wake up in the morning, so no, I have no special rituals or routines to perform. I am truly blessed in that regard.

How did you get into doing psychic readings?
My dear friend and mentor Elaine, a psychic for over forty years, sent me a set of Tarot Cards in 1998 while I was stuck in bed after the surgery. She convinced me that my gifts were here to stay and I better get used to it. The cards kept me busy in bed but I never really needed them because I was reading for people without them. They were pretty and sat in a neat pile as I spoke directly to my guides and they answered with words and pictures. I began reading at home and at friend's parties and then I spotted and joined my first internet line that was reputable in 1999 and both my gifts and clientele grew and continue to do so. Later having joined PsychicCenter has been just wonderful for me both as a psychic and person. Everyone is very supportive and professional and the clients are so amazing in their willingness to listen, learn, and heal to be happy.

What happens during a psychic reading?
I connect with a first name and get into that person's energy. I don't really understand it, I just know I am there. I then listen to my guides as to what they want me to tell my client. I never have to repeat a question because they can hear the client and they know what the client needs to know. I may also see pictures or get a feeling somewhere in my body. I am very relaxed and focused on what is being said. I usually don't remember all my readings because I guess I am not really one hundred percent present in the now. I always remember my client's energy but not always the details of the reading. This is important for my clients to know so they don't think I don't care if I can't recall a past reading. A mediumship reading is more intense because I am 'seeing' in my mind the person who has passed. I am also dealing with an emotionally charged client. I must balance that with trying to get the information to them clearly. Since I am also an empath it is difficult to stay focused when the client is so sad often crying but I have learned to be compassionate without being overwhelmed. The tricky part of these readings is that sometimes the spirit wants to 'hang around' and not return. I have lost lots of sleep over the years trying to convince them to go 'home'.

What is your primary tool for divination? What is your specialty?
I do not use tools of any kind. I don't think I really have a specialty; since I am blessed with such a range of gifts it would be difficult to say which my one special gift. I guess my specialty is rather how I read. That is that I read on a deep soul level. I am able to get passed all the drama and day to day issues a person is facing and see their blocks and karmic contract. The information I am given is presented very honest, direct and down to earth. My clients seemed to be more empowered after the reading than just notes predicting the future. That is not to say predictions are not necessary and valid, but I have found without the tools to get there, timeframes and predictions suffer.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?
Yes, and I find this one of my most rewarding gifts. I am so blessed to share in the experience of providing peace to both the living and the passed over. Once I did a house clearing in Boston. It was so amazing to watch a truly tortured soul after encouraging conversation, smile, turn and walk right into the light. The feeling that flashed through me cannot really be described. Spirits also maintain many of their earthly traits, such as sense of humor and mannerisms while I communicate with them. It can get quite comical; especially in-person readings and I don't realize I am doing things they used to do. Things like touching their hair a certain way, sitting a certain way or using expressions specific to them. It makes real believers out of the clients! On rare occasions I have seen large white orbs float around the room I am reading in. But usually they confine themselves to my mind. They will not appear to me as a 'real' person they know I get freaked so they respect my limitations. It happened a few times where they appeared in front of me as a complete image, I almost jumped out of my skin.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience?
I have mentioned it several times but it is what I believe makes my gifts extra special. It is that fact that they were just handed to me, or so it seemed. My life has been filled with abuse, heartache, disappointment, discrimination, physical, and emotional pain. From a repeated broken heart to repeated broken bones, incurable diseases to pain 24/7, jobless and homeless, I was always forced to overcome something! I constantly asked` myself why did everything I do have to be so painful and difficult. When they gave me my gifts it became crystal clear. If I had not gone through so much I would not understand at the level at which I do, because when I tell a client "I understand how you feel" - I mean it because I lived it, survived it, and grew stronger and happier because of it. Happiness waits for us - not the other way around!

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