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Colorado Intuitive, Clairsentient & Clairvoyant
Multi-generation intuitive, clairsentient, and clairvoyant to assist you on your life path.
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About Me
I have had precognitive visions along with a sense of "knowing" since I was a child. Although I am not a medium, I am a spirit-sensitive, meaning I can sense the presence of ghosts when they are near.


My first clear memory of having these abilities was when I was 10 years old. I tagged along with my mother to visit my grandmother in a nursing home. She suffered from Alzheimer's and her illness made visits very difficult and disheartening for my mother. I hadn't witnessed any of her behavior until that day, (nor did I understand it). My grandmother was in a rage and couldn't be consoled. My mother tried desperately to calm her, but to no avail. It was then that a voice "spoke" to me and gave me a message to pass along to my grandmother. Once spoken, she calmed down instantly and the rest of the visit went smoothly for my mother, who tried to comprehend what had happened.


I receive visions, feelings, and words surrounding an individual when I focus my energy on them. I use my abilities to focus on a specific situation to give you the answers you are looking for. If guidance is what you seek, I can help you find the path to happiness, inner peace and fulfillment. I also have four spirit guides who assist me in answering questions for you. I cannot force my guides to give me information. I will only relay information that they offer freely.


* Take a few deep breaths before calling and have your questions or concerns ready.
* Focus on a peaceful setting in your mind, (a body of water, open field, etc.).
* Clear your mind of any pre-set notions or expectations.


*Don't expect me to read your mind when you call. "Psychic" does not mean "telepathic".
*Don't ask me to clarify another advisor's reading. We may not receive the same information.
*Don't bring negativity to your reading. This could potentially cause a false reading based on your energy.
*Don't expect me to tell you only what you want to hear. I try to be as gentle as possible when giving news that may let someone down, but I will not fabricate a happy prediction when I see just the opposite.
*Don't expect an accurate reading in 1-2 minutes.
*NO psychic is accurate 100% of the time. Beware of any advisor who makes this claim. It can be somewhat difficult to interpret messages from time-to-time, or we may not pick up on the correct person's energy during a reading. This can produce a false reading for any advisor; however, I can guarantee to give 110% effort in giving you an accurate reading.
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