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I want to help you reach your potential, come to healthy conclusions, and make good decisions in your love life
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I have felt a calling to help others for years, and I feel a strong desire to make positive changes in people’s lives with my calling. It is my purpose in this world to help others. I have a gift for giving people good advice and caring for others, so I’m here to do just that. I’m empathetic, kind, and loving. My gift is what I do with that love, and I hope to spread my compassion all over people’s hearts to lift them up and encourage them.

I am a warm and friendly empath who is eager to help make a positive difference in your life. When you connect to me you will see that I really care about you and what is going on in your life. I have had many events in my life that I feel have made me the way that I am today. I take great interest in furthering these goals and leaving the world in a better place than it was before I was born. My gift is love and the warmth that I radiate towards people. I want to connect to you, heart to heart. Tell me about your excitements and your struggles and I will encourage and uplift you. I am bubbly, talkative, genuine, and boisterous. I also consider myself to be straight to the point and self assured. I combine my warmth and frankness into a wonderful combination that I hope you will enjoy. I want to use my insight to provide helpful insight to you regardless of what situation you are going through right now. Tell me your story, because with me you are the star. People come to me with their sadnesses and tell me what is on their mind because they know they can lean on me and trust me. I hope you will feel comfortable sharing your world with me. I like to encourage healthy ways to look at situations, with what I believe would be the most positive outcome for all parties involved. I give advice on all matter of subjects, romance and love being my favorite. I communicate in a direct and honest way. I am excited to share with you my point of view. Allow me to bring some much needed advice and maybe a change of perspective. In my experience a change of perspective really helps me see things in a new light, and sometimes what we need is the advice from someone who cares about our struggles. I’ve been through a lot of things, and hope my experiences can serve to help you with whatever you’re going through. I have provided support to people going through difficult times before, and I am trained in active listening. I was a listener to people suffering from depression and other issues in their lives. I would like to be a listener to you too: someone who will hear you out and talk about whatever it is you want to talk about. We all have yearned for companionship and advice, I’m here to provide that to you, in a gentle and concise way.
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I am here to give gentle and nurturing advice. I do not give predictions or details about the future. I merely give advice and positive, helpful suggestions that I feel would be healthy and positive for you and others. If you are in need of advice or a friend that can help you through some difficult topics, I’m here. If you need someone to vent to, I’m here. My approach is warm, friendly, and casual. I want to be your friend and know what is going on in your life so I can give you the best support I can. An example conversation would involve me getting to know you and your situation then giving warm, gentle, compassionate advice. I am not comfortable answering questions like “when will x happen” or “is x going to get back with me” because I’m not comfortable predicting the future. I’m more so here to answer questions like “I have a problem with x, what do you feel would be the better option to take?” Or “I’m feeling down right now about this person, how can I take positive steps in communication?” Or “What are ways I can improve my love life?” Etc. I enjoy getting into your situation deeply and answering questions that would bring more clarity into your life. We all need a helping hand sometimes, and I’m here to be that for you. I’m here to provide helpful and compassionate advice for all your needs. I am an empath that will use my love and compassion to answer your questions in a clear and concise manner.
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