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Lovely Valentine
Lovely Valentine
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Tired of Constantly struggling? Why Do you have to suffer? allow me to answer your deep burning questions of Love, And get the clarity you so Desperately Deserve.
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About Me
Growing up as a 3rd Generation Psychic Superior Life was hard, i Struggled to keep my own emotions and feelings together because i constantly picked up on other peoples emotions and it created alot of negativity in my life. As i grew older i figured out how to control my Abilities and emotions to allow New energies and Spirit guides to show me my own path in life. I've been reading people for over 15 years and i'm so glad to say its such a wonderful thing to help those that are in need of a In tune in depth reading to give them understanding what what their life Means.
Love/Relationships Money/Prosperity Commitment-phobia LGBTQ Issues Breakups/Divorce
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairvoyant Remote Viewing Aura Cleansing Chakra Cleansing
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Advisor Interview
Im quite straightforward and give you alot of details about the situation going on in your life. I can Hone in on specific area's that will allow you to understand in a Calm positive prospective. I don't sugar coat any of my readings i tell it like it is, how it is. I will not beat around the bush and feed you nonsense you don't really care about. If you are looking for someone that tells you what your wanting to hear then please do not waste your time in contacting me. You need and Open mind and a Positive Spirit to be able to understand my readings and also my personality. I'm very fun loving and make the occasional joke once in awhile. So if your seeking Clarity in your life, then please allow me to help give you the Information your needing.
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