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Mademoiselle Lynna
Mademoiselle Lynna
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Mademoiselle Lynna works with the Ancestors....I will ALWAYS be honest and tell you what Spirit is saying.... Please do not come to me if you are wanting someone to spoon feed you and only tell you what you want to hear....
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I have also gone by the names of Ivy Meadow and Calypso Conjure.... To be honest, after a while I just wanted to be myself.... So, here I am, I'm Lynna :)

Born and raised out in the boonies of southeast Texas; I come from very humble beginnings.... My parents divorced when I was only 4 so we pretty much depended on my grandparents for everything.... PawPaw was a Preacher down at the Baptist church and MawMaw was the woman you went to if you ever needed ANYTHING.

MawMaw did a lot of STUFF.... Not only was she the Preacher's wife, but she also took care of the garden and the animals... I shit you not, to this day I will NOT eat chicken on the bone because I saw what that woman did to those chickens.... Uhgg!! I'm scarred for life! It wasn't just about the church, the garden, or the animals though.... My MawMaw would go out on the porch with just a broomstick and she could sweep away a storm. Her needle on a string would tell if you were having a girl or boy baby.... She was constantly sewing, crocheting, playing cards, canning, cooking, baking, telling stories, taking care of us kids, whipping up hot toddies and only God knows what else.... Most people called her a Witch.... I just called her MawMaw...

​Around the age of 5, I remember carrying on conversations with Spirits.... Hmm, I must be a Witch like MawMaw... Or, at least that's what I thought.... That is until I actually joined a Wiccan coven.... Three years and two degrees later, I realized that this was not at all what my MawMaw did or was... I decided to leave the coven and venture out on my own to find out who I am, what I am, where I come from.... That is when I saw a lady (whom I had met a decade before) at the flea market.... We got to talking and I was like, "Holy Shit! You are like me and my MawMaw!!" Since then, we have become very close friends and I have learned that we were not witches.... I am a HooDoo Practitioner.... Rootworker!!! CONJURE WOMAN!!!!

I read cards, do rootwork, create soaps and oils, knit scarves, hats, and tarot card/bone bags.... As a volunteer for Soldiers’ Angels, I knit a buttload of chemo caps for patients at VA hospitals across the United States.

Having inherited my gifts as a young child, I have been a psychic seer and empath all of my life. I have expanded my learning as an adult under the wings of the Catholic Church and some very special people such as Doreen Virtue, Silver Ravenwolf, Lady Morghana DragonEye, Raymond Buckland and Starr Casas. These have been life-long learning and growing gifts meant to help others, meant to help YOU! I have been providing professional consultations for the past twelve years. Allow me to help you find what you seek and you won't be disappointed.
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Using my special gifts, I am able to recognize sources of negative energy in your life and help lead you down the right path. My guidance is honest and straightforward, and my readings will guide you to lead the most positive life full of joy, love, and inner peace. I will ALWAYS be honest and tell you what Spirit is saying.... Please do not come to me if you are wanting someone to spoon feed you and tell you what you want to hear.... That is not fair to me nor YOU...

For now, I am running a special of $3.33 per minute... This in no way is an indication of the value of my services to you.... This is only to help build up my ratings.... **** The readings and messages that you will receive come straight from Spirit and therefore are priceless.... <3

Each month, I do give FREE minutes to clients who have purchased a reading with me during the previous month.... I do not provide FREE answers via email... I will; however, do email readings via Paid To Read for a fee of $21.... If you have emailed me with questions, please allow 24 hours for a response....

I use my gift to help others... I take this very seriously.... This is my only job.... I am a single mother and although I am a kind person, I do have responsibilities.... I sincerely hope you do understand... :)
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