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Medium Lorena
Medium that specializes in love and money
I was born into a very spiritual family. I have trained with healing crystals, Reiki, herbs and flowers. My strongest attribute is the connection and communication I have with my spiritual guides, through my Spanish cards.
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About Me
I come from Cuba, an island where spiritualism is extremely popular. I was born into a family of mediums.My father healed people through Reiki, and my great-grandmother taught my grand-mother how to communicate with the spiritual realm through Spanish cards. My grand-mother taught my mother, who taught me. As I grew up, I became a Reiki Master (honoring my dad) and created a strong bond with my guiding spirits, that helped me communicate with them through the Spanish cards, like my mom and grandmother.

I like combining different types of spiritual tools, to help my clients achieve a higher level of living. Whether it is finding their soulmate, getting their relationship off that rocky path, or getting that promotion at work. I have been consulting and guiding people on their love, career and monetary life for 13 years. I specialize in love (relationships and family) and money. Let me help you get back on your right path.

Breakups/Divorce Family/Friends Infidelity Commitment-phobia Money/Prosperity
Skills & Methods
Clairvoyant Aura Cleansing Tarot Medium Empath
English Spanish
Advisor Interview
My Spanish cards create a link that allows your spirits give me the messages they want to give to you. Most of the time, spirits will give me remedies that allow my clients achieve a higher self. I like to work with the love and money paths, because they are my strongest points. I have 13 years of experience consulting clients in both their homes and at an office space. I work a lot with flowers and herbs, and believe strongly in karma. I also enjoy teaching my clients how to communicate with their spirits. I am here to help all of my clients become a better, healthier, happier version of themselves.
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