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Psychic Jenifer
Psychic Jenifer
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Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance
I am passionate to provide validation to your inner knowing. I enjoy co- creating with spirit to create a high vibrating session.I am honored to guide people back to their divine truth through the help of my spirit team.
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I have always had an inner knowing about energy sensitivity. I have always known my job here is to connect with myself to help others connect with themselves. I began my working career with animals and have experience in domestic and exotic animals through veterinary medicine, zookeeping, and sanctuary work. I have always felt a deep spiritual connection with animals and an ability to provide a space for them to feel calm in nervous situations. Although I enjoyed the connections and bonds with the animals it was time for me to move onto humans. By switching gears I have been able to open up all of my metaphysical gifts through self exploration. I explore through meditation, reading, writing, observing, kundalini yoga, sound healing, and more. These incredible tools have given me the gifts to tune into myself to create a life I enjoy living. Now I get to share these gifts with others by helping them listen and learn how to trust their intuition to create joyful lives for themselves if they choose to.

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Using my gifts I am able to validate what your intuition is already saying to you, I just bring it to the surface so it can become more apparent. It is easy for me to identify your limiting beliefs ( energetic block) that is holding you back. I can clear these blocks for you through affirmations, energy healing, or just simply bringing the issue to light so that it may be dissolved with love. Every thing in your reality right now was just a thought first. If your life isnt as enjoyable as you would like, or there are just minor aspects in your life causing suffering, digging deeper into what you are telling yourself subsconsciously and consciously will allow you to move through and shift your vibration.
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