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Compassionate Empath/ Clairvoyant!
I'm an Empath, Clairvoyant who gives you encouragement and inspiration for all matters of your life. What's coming in? What needs to go? Let's take a peek!
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About Me
I've been psychic my whole life and have been practicing for 18 years but just recently committed to it full time giving up my day job (I know!).
I have a background working in the surgical field and balancing medical science with the mystical has been nothing short of interesting but a blessing at the same time. I carry both a mystical and analytical mind.
I have worked with my local police department on a cold case investigation and some matters regarding political rallies here in my little beach town. The locals have also been supportive of my gifts and I do readings in an office building in the heart of the town.
It took another psychic to tell me I was psychic back in 2002 and that is when my journey began to learning about tarot, oracle cards and how to hone in my abilities. My psychic talent is a gift to help others find a clearer path. After all, we're all here to simply walk one another home.
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I am both compassionate and direct in my readings. This is your money and you have a right to know the truth on what is going on with you. With that, you might not like what I have to say, please know that I am simply the messenger and my goal with you is to give you the information so you can make informed decisions pertaining to you life matters.
I use oracle cards to help me pull in what is going on with you and I tell you what I see in a language you will understand without all the mystical stuff. My goal is that you walk away from your readings feeling uplifted and encouraged.
** Please Read**
Please be realistic in your reading with any psychic. I cannot give you a solid reading in three minutes.
Again, I am simply a messenger. You might not like what I have to say, but know I will tell you with compassion.
I am able to give timelines, but free will is a factor too please keep that in mind.
Thank You for Reading, Love and Light! Xo~ Jenny
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