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Channeled Guidance From WE ARE THREE
As a clairaudient and psychic intuitive channeling WE ARE THREE, you receive your highest and best guidance. They help you develop crystal clear awareness of the problems and offer invaluable guidance.
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As a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Psychic and Akashic Record Consultant these sessions are for asking questions to my channeled guide team, We Are Three. I am a clairaudient channel and once we have established the best questions to ask (this is where most fail as they ask from ego rather than from the soul), you will be given logical, sound, clear guidance that is in your highest and best interest.

I have been channeling for people for many years and am known as someone you can ask tough questions to. Your willingness to receive the guidance being given to you can cause you to shift very quickly be it from victim energy to courageous warrior, or from a place of passive participation to stepping into the drivers seat of your life and your decisions. Ongoing support is available.

These sessions are to help you clear energetic programs, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are overwhelming you and have you feeling stuck in the moment We will clear them and bring in new information, light codes and source energy healing so you can raise your vibration and call in higher energy infused with light and love.

The goal is to clear away the debris that feels like it is holding you hostage so you can move into a higher vibrational state right away and begin to understand your energy body and how to identify and shift the lower energetic programs very quickly.

I am a psychic intuitive, energy healer, spiritual mentor and akashic record consultant and I bring all my tools to my sessions.
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In the readings we always start with a conscious commitment to leave all shame and blame at the door. We then move to asking soul based questions that are going to bring you invaluable, clear and concise guidance that can cause you very profound and often instant shifts. We do not let the ego lead the sessions as it is often in large part perpetuating the problem, not the solution.

My clients most love my no nonsense approach where we weed out the unconscious beliefs and unhealthy programming that has you feeling less than whole, loved, worthy and valued. Swimming upstream always depletes your life force so learning to go with the flow by tapping into your own intuition is something we work at enhancing greatly also.
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