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I have worked personally for years as a one on one psychic. I’ve had my abilities since adolescence and gave my first tarot reading my freshman year of high school. By my senior year of high school, I was so "tuned in" that I saved the life of myself and my then boyfriend from a plane ride which killed his mother and father. The trip was to be our graduation gift.
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Advisor Interview
As we read the tarot cards called cartouche, we discover that creative psychic power is the privilege of the human mind. To limit thought is to limit experience- Limitations are developed and are made habit by negative thought patterned thinking. Through our psychic readings, we break through our limitations -which is the catalyst for all forms of personal transformative evolution.
Egyptian Cartouche is based on ancient Egyptian (or older) knowledge. The ancient Egyptian symbols depicted on the cards capture the essence of the forces or energies that govern the universe. Many believe the Egyptians gained their knowledge of these forces from an even earlier advanced race who, in turn, were instructed by extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system. The symbols, colors, and meanings of the cards accord both with the designs found on Egyptian temples, pyramids, tombs and old papyri, and with a secret arcane tradition that has been handed down from century to century.

The next part short and sweet.

I am not a telepath and I cannot read your mind. A well-detailed answer requires a well-detailed question. The more you tell me the more I am able to reach into the moment and receive information. Time can be difficult, but I will do my best to give you time frames.

The future, no matter what other psychics tell you, is a mutable landscape, with few steadfast rules. The best news is that we can mold a future or portrait of outcome we'd like to experience. Perception is everything.

My perception is spot on, allow me to help you, with yours.

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