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Do you expect you from other people? I’ve guided many through divorce, deception and karmic lessons. Contact me to find out what and why.
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I’m a mystical messenger who’s psychic unfolding began at age six. Throughout the past few decades, I’ve given accurate readings at psychic fairs, private events, and on psychic networks as well to other psychics. I receive insight by connecting to angels and spirit guides through hearing, seeing and feeling. I also connect with the energy of passed and reincarnated loved ones. While the depth and frequency of spirit's messages tend to overwhelm me, I have used such, without seeing any incidents, to help victims of domestic violence, abused children and people involved in legal matters. My intuition has also compelled others to visit loved ones prior to their unexpected deaths. Through knowledge of karmic causes, I’ve helped so many leave behind what no longer serves them and welcome new and more fitting situations. I gave up corporate life to pursue my calling and deliver messages more often. As I was always told “Seek and you shall find”. I found…now it's your time to seek.

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My ultimate goal is to enlighten you with necessary truths that will help guide you through your areas of concern and lead you closer toward your own soul-aligned desires. With that, when I read for you, I pick up your energy, the energy of those discussed and channel spirit to address your questions. I am compassionate about the sensitivity of your feelings and topics for which you seek answers. However, I don't paint the pig. I relay what is felt, seen or heard. And if desired, I dive deeper to make you aware of the spiritual cause behind the matter at hand. I also tend to automatically write during readings, which provides a one word detail or many. There are several decks at my exposure to assist with determining time and adding clarity to spirits message. I also look to my pendulum, which is very precise, to reaffirm any insight you may question.
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