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Love and Relationship advice and guidance
I have guided many clients through difficult relationship breakups and divorce. I have given guidance in all issues with love relationships.
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Card reading, both Tarot and regular playing cards, has been in my family for 3 generations. My grandmother was known locally for her reading. People would come over to the house and they were astounded at her accuracy. My mother is highly intuitive, as well. I am so much like my grandmother in that I have known since I was really young that reading Tarot for others is my destiny. I was instantly drawn to the Ancient Egyptian Tarot 25 years ago and I continue to hone my abilities.

I use astrology and numerology in my Tarot card readings, in addition to interpreting the Tarot cards that are laid out in each spread. I also use a number of Oracle decks for additional insight. I use a pendulum for “yes” or “no” questions. I begin by calling in my guides and they select the cards for each reading. My grandmother, Lily, and a spirit named Josefina are my primary guides.

I have a direct approach that combines problem solving, logic and intuition. However, I am also very compassionate and understanding. Everyone goes through tough challenges and occasionally needs guidance in order to understand or take a different approach when solving problems and knowing when and/or how to take action.
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Astrology - Western Clairaudient Clairsentient Empath Pendulum
Advisor Interview
Please submit your question and some detail about the situation and/or question. I call in my guides and lay out the cards. I will then tell you what the cards are telling me. You can then ask additional questions about the issue that we have discussed. I can lay out additional cards, even oracle cards to get clarification on additional questions. If you need a "yes" or "no" question answered, I can do a pendulum reading. I do not sugarcoat when doing a reading. I will tell you what I see. However, I am kind and compassionate. Please by advised that questions requiring timing can be tricky as you do have free will and the timing can be changed even slightly.
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