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Compassionate and Accurate Relationship Readings!
I have over 20 years of experience. I use tarot to help clarify, but do not need tools. My passion is to help others find peace and clarity in times of confusion. I have a passion to help provide non-judgemental messages.
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About Me
I first began playing with cards as a child not knowing the stories I felt and saw were actual real-life readings. My mother became aware of my abilities and had her own, as did my grandmother and aunt, and bought me my first tarot deck. I have read for many friends and family members most of my young life. As an adult, I began to use them for myself as a guide to my own life path as well as to work on sites and my own to help others as well. I have since achieved the ability to no longer need tools to receive messages. I still use cards from time to time & per request as well as to help clarify complex situations.
I feel, know, and see energies and at times hear as well. On occasion, I have worked as a medium but it is not something I can always predict as sprits I find have their own free will and while some choose to come, others may join in as well even if not called on.
My strongest gift is my passion to help others find clarity and answers to help move forward to make their own decisions with their own truth. As a mental health professional, I believe in allowing others to be empowered and choose their own path, I do however feel passionate to help you navigate that!
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What you can expect from a call with me~
While I am direct and honest and do not sugar coat the truth, I do so with a compassionate and sensitive heart. Your life and feelings are an honor for me to share with you and I take that seriously. I provide hard truths with a gentle touch, but I can't promise it won't sting if the answers are not what you had hoped for. I pride myself and being honest and hope that if you do not feel we are connecting, that you first ask if you just don't want to believe in what I am telling you, or if it truly is not your situation. If we are not connecting, I hope you'd let me know to either help clarify and crossed lines we have or make sure you're being open and not blocking me from seeing.

What tools I use to read for you~
I use my own connection to spirit to hear, know, see, and feel what's going on within you and those around you. I do sometimes use tarot to help clarify what I am getting and when requested.

How long have I been reading for?
I have read since I was a young child about 9-10 years old. I was not aware at that time that it was actually reading and thought it was a game I was playing until others noticed. I got my first tarot in my teens and read for family, friends, friends of friends and did many favors for many years! I used tarot and my own abilities to help find my own path and truth but only in the past five years have I began reading for the public. I was not at first comfortable with making money from readings until many informed me it's a gift to share and reach others. I now realize, as, with my mental health profession, my psychic abilities are another way to reach and assist others on their journey during confusing and vulnerable times.

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