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Connect to departed loved ones
I am a psychic medium who can help you connect to departed loved ones for the highest and greatest healing in truth and love.
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Ever since I was a little girl, I would always see "people" who weren't really there. My first spirit I saw was in my backyard when I was only 5 years old. I pointed this older woman out to my parents, but they told me no one was there. In 2007, at 10 years old, I was involved in a terrible, rollover accident with my older sister. The van we were in flipped twice and we both walked out without any injuries. Doctors and paramedics kept telling us it was a miracle, but truth is I had seen an angel save us and protect us from this car accident. Ever since, I started hearing, feeling, and seeing more spirits around me. I would also get dreams, premonitions, and just seeing things happen before they actually happened. In 2013 when my grandmother who I was very close to, passed away, my gifts got stronger. I kept seeing her and feeling her around me, as she had a very hard time moving on. This was when I started to actually use my gifts and pass on messages to my family members. After that, I went to psychic mediums and they had mentioned my gift and told me to embrace it so I started studying and reading everything I could about psychic mediums and all the different gifts and experiences I had experience. Now, I am connecting to loved ones for family, friends, and clients and I love being able to bring those the highest and greatest healing in truth and love.
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I am responsive and do my readings via phone or chat. I am empathetic, but I am also direct. I take my time to make sure that I am getting accurate messages. I will pass on messages from the other side and things that need to be said for the highest healing to you. I will ask you who you'd like to connect with on the other side and I will call them in. Once I have made a connection, I will ask you some questions to validate that it is them. I will then deliver any messages that they have and will also allow you to ask them any questions. I ask that you come with an open heart and an open mind because that allows me to receive more information, due to the flow of the energy. If you attack me, or if I feel disrespected in any way, I will end the session because the energy flow would've already been disconnected. I like to make sure that I give truthful readings, so I recommend waiting at least 30 days after a soul has passed in order to connect with them. Thank you, I hope I can be of service to you!
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