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Connect with Loved Ones on the Other Side
Certified psychic medium with over 30 years of experience, and have helped many people Connect with their loved ones who have passed on, or your Guides, bringing a clear Healing Message, and helping you find answers you seek.
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After having two near death experiences, at ages 6 and 15, arriving without a pulse at a hospital and being resuscitated both times, my Gifts and Angelic Connections were amplified, and the way I perceived the world would never be the same. Once I realized the synchronicities and mystical experiences in my life were not common for most people, I began seeking answers and researching into the powers of the mind, intuitive abilities, states of consciousness, the nature of energy, the intersection of science and spirituality, and worldwide classical, eastern and indigenous mystical traditions. Over the course of almost four decades, I found myself gravitating toward and studying as much as I could on the subject, including one-on-one psychic and mediumship development with renown teachers and ways of developing spiritually to remain aligned with integrity and Truth on my path, such as forms of meditation and mindfulness--including living and studying for over 5 months at a Buddhist monastery in 2018, where I led guided meditations for groups at day-long retreats, and even gave psychic/tarot & oracle card readings for resident monks and visitors alike! Besides giving professional and informal psychic readings for over 40 years, I now teach metaphysics, comparative world mysticism and intuition development classes and write extensively on the subjects.
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I’ve been studying and utilizing Tarot and Oracle cards for over three decades as one of my primary forms of divination, as the cards “speak to me”, to bring you the Messages that help guide you to the answers you seek to some of life’s toughest questions.
Sensing and reading energies involved with various locations and people, channeling messages and utilizing a variety of techniques--that can include: Angel Healing, Aura Readings, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Dream Interpretation, Meditation, Past Lives Exploration, Quantum Healing, Relationship Reading and Healing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Communication, and of course, Tarot and Oracle Cards—to help you find those answers.
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