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Why yes, I do see and speak to dead people
Connecting you with loved ones who have passed on.
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About Me
I am no stranger to speaking with the dead. Ever see the Sixth Sense? That was my childhood. I remember being petrified everytime I saw something run by me or even stand over me as I slept. Even into my teenage and adult years I would see things. It was not until this past year that I allowed my gift to flourish into something that can be used to bring closure to so many.

My mediumship readings are typically a lot different than my general readings with the living. Typically it is a time in which those who have past over take the time to share messages with me that I can then pass along to their loved ones. Every mediumship reading is a bit different, but each one so very dear to me. I like to go in blindly so the less information I know the better, usually I will only request more info if spirits are shy or reluctant.

These are some of my favorite readings to do! Let's connect you with a beloved friend, family member, or even a pet.
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