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About Me
As a practicing Shaman, I am very good at channeling energy which then allows me to read a person to help them better understand which direction they should go in.

Feel free to view MysticalHome (dot) com to get to know me better.

I feel I was born with my gifts but started my psychic training as a young girl and have been pursuing to master my gifts my whole life.

I have studied under the most reputable & well known Psychic, Medium, Reiki & Shaman Energy Instructors to help me practice & master my gifts. Now am currently training with a Master Shaman as an apprentice who has been helping me with my spiritual disciplines such as meditation, mantra's and qigong (energy work), which all help with my Intuitive psychic reading.

Whatever your questions are, I will channel your energy through what I call life force energy, spirit guides, the ancestors, as well as with the help of my Rune & Tarot cards and such, to give you the best reading for you which will help guide you along your journey and to better help you understand your situation so you can feel confident as you walk away from this reading. And not only will you be receiving a reading, but you will also naturally receive an energetic healing which you will feel as you go throughout your day.

I look forward to speaking with you.



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Advisor Interview
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How and when did you first find out about your 'psychic abilities'? .
Ever since I was a little girl I used to "see" things & visions as if they were things that happened in that area hundreds or thousands of years ago. My mother used to have psychic friends and they recognized my gifts as a young girl and at that time shared my future with my mother & I of how I will be developing and using my gifts to help others for the better good of the universe.

How was it growing up with these special skills. Are they natural talents or did you study and develop them?
Growing up was fun, but at times, I felt the energy of people early on and would have to pull away from all the negative people which caused me to be somewhat of a loner at times because I didn't like the empathic feelings, probably because I wasn't sure how to handle it at the time. My gifts are very natural, however, I have studied under several very good and reputable instructors over the course of my life to help me understand my gifts and how to use them properly.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?
I think we are all given different types of gifts on this journey we call life, however, as we go through our journey only then can we find ourselves awakened to understand what gifts we have been given and then we must choose to pursue moving forward on how to use these gifts for the better good of the universe.

What type of mentality do you think it takes to develop these skills?
I believe the only way anyone can develop any gift or skill they have been given is first of all, they must be "awake". By speaking to me or other special advisor they can become more aware and clear with this particular direction they have been guided in.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities 'on' or 'off' when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them 'on'.
Yes, I can turn my psychic abilities on or off when I would like to. I choose to keep it closed down in my everyday life, until I am in the right setting. However, when I am doing a reading, I have a few energy practices I like to do before a reading to better help me channel spirit, spirit guides or specific energies that will help me read any particular person clearly.

How did you get into doing psychic readings?
I have been doing readings since I was a young girl. I have always had readings done on me as well? so it is very natural for me. The past 10 years is where I have really developed of a love for readings because I see how it helps people and puts people in the right mind set.

What happens during a psychic reading?
During my readings I feel a strong sense of energy rush through me, which is a sign that I am in a channeled state / trance. I then receive messages as I am talking or even thinking and then I give the messages to my client.

What is your primary tool for divination? What is your specialty?
My primary tool is energy, however, I also use a couple of different types of oracle tarot / rune cards to give me clear messages.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?
I am also a Certified Medium and have been practicing Mediumship for quite some time as well, however, please note, this is a little more difficult as the spirits or passed ancestors may not always want to appear. But yes, I can communicate with spirits who have passed on.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience?
I have studied under some of the best and most reputable psychic, medium, reiki & shamanic instructors and as a matter of fact I am currently a shamanic apprentice. The energy flows through me regularly. So as I give my readings, you will also receive an energy healing which comes naturally.

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