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Ive guided clientele, to heal, after they reach out, telling me the things that theyd like to impart. I promote edification, thru channeling and relay.
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I have over 22 years of experience and I have taken classes, ranging from Journey Thru Grief and Loss, to Communication, which I feel have prepared me. Lets do this. If you feel an emotional need to reach out, I am here, for you.
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Since, the power of life and death, are in our tounges, we can not only, further develop these phenomena, we can learn all of the ways in which we can master the things that our creator has made entirely, possible for us to do. The dynamics of healing, include being able to express what youd like to say, to loved ones, who have crossed over because even if they dont necessarily come back in the flesh, we can sometimes, be given dreams, which have the capacity to comfort us; in some ways. Lets do this. Talk to me, telling loved ones how you feel. Express yourself, as much as need be and I will channel my spirit, in lieu of helping you to, either gain or maintain closure or just to grieve and grip the larger picture that you can and will be given. The first step, on this pathway, is for us to agree, as to what the outcome will be. After defining what we want, we will have our goals established and concentrate on manifesting nothing but the results that we seek. If two, be in agreement, we can even bind any negativities, within the spirit realm, which at times, may not be as we would have them to be.
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