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Tarot Cathy
Tarot Cathy
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Let me tune into your needs or ask me a question directly. I have 35 yrs experience in tarot and medium work. I am sure I can help you with any problem you have!
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I have always been gifted, ever snce I was a child. But it was confusing then and I often got punished because my mom never believed me when I said that I saw things happening in my dreams. She would call me a liar and I would get punished. Most of what I saw as a child was through dreaming at first. Just day to day things that had not happened yet, but I thought they already did happen and would get confused. I was only a child then, and it took me time to realize my nature and work on controlling it and knowing what was a dream and what was a memory. Now in my 50's I can tell very easily, usually...it still tricks me once in a while! LOL! But paying attention to the details is what matters. Noticing the faults in the dream. Like I had this dream about putting on my daughter's coat for school one year...I realized it was a dream because it had buttons and her coat did not, it had these odd loops with wooden pieces.
I dream and see visions in color, I can see whole situations in a moment and describe that to you, I can answer simple yes or no questions just by getting a feel or a vibe from you. The longer we talk, or the more I think about you, the better and more detailed my answers can be. I can take what you give me- information, your energy, a name- and dream on it for a day or so and have even more to tell you most times. I hope you will give me a try!
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You can expect me to ask if you have a direct question, if you don't it may take longer for me to see what you need, but I will take out my tarot cards and get the direction I need to help you, either way. I will tell you what I am seeing, and what the cards are saying. I use my own method with tarot cards. I use three decks, upside down in front of me, swishing and swirling them to feel the energy of the cards that are right for you, pulling them, three at first, then more as needed to answer you. I will use my gift as a medium to see any visions or situations and describe them to you. Many times more than one of a card will appear, that's why I use 3 decks, and I will know for sure where to focus my attention. I may ask you some questions along the way and get a better feel for what you want from me. I am sure I can help you, I would love to, I have been doing this my whole life and I hope I can help as many people as possible.
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