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Transforming Lives Towards Higher Purpose
Gain deep insights to help navigate your journey towards positive life-changing events. Reveal the mysteries of claiming your sovereignty and manifesting a life of harmony, love, and abundance.
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About Me
While many psychics channel spirits, I have a direct relationship with divine off-planet beings who guided my psychic reawakening and greatly expanded my cosmological insights. Throughout my many reincarnations, I have focused on liberating minds from limiting beliefs and harmonizing spirit to infinite realities. This time is no different.

Throughout my life, I have investigated the psychological and spiritual mechanisms that help people shift to a life of health, prosperity, love, and happiness. My fascination with people's choices and behaviors led me to earn a degree in psychology for an even more in-depth perspective. It was this convergence of science and metaphysical that manifested into the psychic consultant before you.

My highly-tuned intuitive abilities will get the answers you seek. We can explore your near and distant past as well as identify current roadblocks in your life. I will help you set a course toward a beautiful future aligned with your higher self and divine guidance.
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Advisor Interview
My psychic reading is designed to allow you to steer the conversation in the direction you desire. I will provide clarity and understanding regarding your questions. I will ensure that you have clear instructions on the steps necessary for aligning with a positive outcome and your greater good. When appropriate, I will reveal external and internal anchors that are preventing you from moving beyond challenges.

We start with a very brief meditation to open and align the energy bodies for clear communication. The opening meditation is an opportunity to set the right intention with a clear mind and higher vibrational frequency. This step opens a psychic channel allowing me to connect with your higher self and spirit guides energetically. I am also able to activate psychic tools to gain additional insight and clarity for fine-tuning messages received.

The reading then launches directly into an interactive exploration of the topics and inquiries from you and your spirit guides. During this process, I help unfold and align your questions to divine guidance. Asking the right questions is just as important as receiving the right answers.

The primary purpose of a psychic reading is to unlock your inner spirit to its highest potential. I will help you crack the code for clearing any mental and emotional gridlocks and guide you on a path of harmony with your life purpose.
About Trecy & Medium Advisors
Trecy has been a PsychicCenter guide since 2019. By receiving intuitive guidance in the Mediums category, Trecy has helped clients find peace and tranquility within PsychicCenter's completely secure and confidential platform.
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