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I immediately focus deep into your energy and within a couple of seconds I connect with your soul and your Guides.
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Hi, I am Lisa - I am a psychic medium and I am here to assist people on their spiritual journey and be available for those who want to connect to their passed loved ones as well as gain insight into their relationship, career, and life in general. No matter what you need from a reading, I will do my best to give you the best and most accurate reading. I want this experience to leave you filled with joy, and completion. I have been gifted for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I had no idea what was going on with me, with no guidance to understand or make sense out of it. I tuned it out for many years trying to fit in and be normal like everyone else that I knew. Not so long ago I lost my son suddenly. The trauma from this experience made me open back up to my gifts. I knew that I could see and talk to him again, and I allowed everything that I once had as a child come back into my life for him. I have expanded and learned so much since he left this world and entered the spiritual realm, and now I am here to help people as much as I can in honor of my son. (Joey)
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I immediately focus deep into your energy and within a couple of seconds I connect with your soul and your Guides. They know exactly where you are coming from, where you are now and where you want to go on this life path. The answers to your questions are giving to me by your Guides.
During the reading they work together with my Guides. (So if you think you are only talking to me...you are not ha.)

You can ask any question you have, concerning your day-to-day life. About love, soulmates, twin souls, work, career, children, family, money, housing and so on.

If you want to connect with a deceased love one (human or animal).

A Soulmate/Twin soul-reading. In this reading I explain why you met each other. What your future can be together. How the other person sees you. What his or her intentions are with you. How his or her personality is. Whether he or she is sincere and honest about you and so on.
A Spirit Guide-reading, or an in depth reading about you on your soul-level. A soul reading answers questions like: what is my soul purpose in this life? Who are my Spirit Guides? What is my connection with my Guide, who is he or she? What do I want to learn and develop in this life? Which process am I in at this moment in my life? What are my talents, what makes me unique? All this and much more will give you a deep understanding about yourself.

A reading about your Aura. What colors do I see around you and where do these colors stand for?

We are all souls having a human experience. You are so much more than just your body. We are all connected to deep inner wisdom from the Universe and I can help you remember who you are.
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