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I have been in the human service field for over 40 years. As a Psychic/Medium, Consulting Hypnotist, and Reiki Master I use my intuitive skills to assist people make life decisions to find fulfillment, joy, and wonderment.
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About Me
I have been intuitive longer than I can remember. Although I have a Master’s in Sociology/Human Services my interests leaned more toward metaphysics (what we don’t see). About15 years ago, I began training to hone my intuition and began using it formally as a Psychic/Medium to aid others in their life goals.
Advisor Interview
I won’t predict the future (i.e., lottery numbers, getting a certain job) but I will advise you on things may want to do or need to change based on what I see that might happen. An example of this might be that you should frequent a certain theater on a regular basis since I see you striking up a conversation with a gentleman who happens to have similar interests as you.
I will help you in moving forward in your present life and can assist you in blocks from past lives.
I like to start all sessions with a discussion about your wants and needs and then base the rest of the session around that.
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