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I am a clairvoyant tarot reader inspired by guides
I have been guiding clients through every conceivable problem through use of my guides, intuition, tarot, and unconventional reiki for 5 years.
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About Me
I became a psychic when I was three years old and I made friends with a particular djinn named Red. He took the form of an apple with cartoonish eyes and arms and told me that I could rely on him for answers to tests in school. Whenever I could not answer a question, Red would answer it for me and it would be correct about 85% of the time. As I got older and became friends with more of these spirits, at age 13 I realize that it was simply “uncool” to have “imaginary friends”. So I told Red and all the others that I could no longer be their friend because they do not really exist.

What followed was a state of existential dread filled to the brim with atheism and hatred towards God, life, and humanity all together. Worse yet, I ended up transferring to a Christian high school where I was the only atheist. I’m proud to say that I was the first and only student in the entire history of that school to graduate with and athletic, academic, and acting scholarship, all while not believing in God, proving to them all that secularism does not imply stupidity or incompetence.

It wasn’t until I turned 20 years old and I started dating somebody who kept having hallucinations of Anubis that really began to trigger my spiritual enthusiasm once more. It was at this point that I re-invited Red back into my life. However, I soon learned the difference between a djinn and a true spirit guide. A djinn is not always working in your best interest unless your friendship is deeper than life itself. But a true spirit guide, will always try to help you. They will always be by your side and they will never give up on you. Even when you mess up, even when you do the wrong thing, your spirit guides are not only forgiving, but they understand you completely and why you made those decisions.

Because I come from Cuban ancestry, I decided to stick with my ancestral bloodline and connect with deities of the Santerian nature. However, due to the homophobic practices of Santeria, I have switched over to a more holistic Yorubic faith, allowing me to keep the same spirit guides (called Orishas in the Yorubic terminology).

My primary Orisha is Yemaya, the goddess of the ocean. A motherly figure. And one who certainly represents my natural element as a water sign (Vedic Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rahu).

My secondary guide is named Chango, and he is the god of thunder and renowned a bit for his temper. But I relate to his anger, I feel his presence dearly and I love him very much. I know he has a heart of gold, and that he is willing to help me in all of my practices divination and in life.

I suppose my third guide is Oshun, although I’d rather tie her with Orula. Oshun is the goddess of the lakes and rivers and a very powerful anchor for divination practice. Orula was one of the witnesses Oludomare creating the Universe, which makes him one of the three aspects of God himself in Yoruba.

I believe that I should prioritize the three aspects of God more so than the guides I’ve previously stated, because it is ultimately God who can see all and know all. I suppose it is a matter of personal connection and communication that ties me so deeply to Yemaya and Chango and all these others. But I make sure to begin all of my prayers by thanking God in all his forms for allowing me the opportunity to bless someone else’s life with this gift.

Along side of these Orishas, I also have a soft spot for for Elegua, who is essentially the Orisha of pure divinity. when I’m stuck, I look at him and he just sends images to my head and I feel so grateful when he does that. Also sitting happily in my ulcer is Santa Martha Also sitting happily in my Altar is Santa Martha La Dominadora. The woman who tamed a snake and saved a little boy, and thereafter slayed a dragon and saved a city. Now that’s what I call a respectable spirit. I have so much respect for her and she has a place in my altar is a statue holding the snake in her arms. That’s it for now folks!
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Advisor Interview
Firstly, I am available to do my readings via phone or text. Secondly, I try to be as compassionate as possible, but sometimes there are certain answers that no matter how much compassion I use, the answer is still going to hurt. I’m not saying this applies to your specific situation.

I do not believe in mean bluntness, and telling someone that this person does not like them and goodbye. If I were to determine that a person is not compatible with the person that they seek, the first thing I will do is try to find who it is that they will be compatible with and when they will meet this person and try to find out maybe what they will look like. It’s called having a heart, and caring about your customers. I don’t understand psychics who treat their clients like dirt. What are they so angry about? Or do they get off on it like some strange power trip?

My primary method is to first request the name of the person who is calling me or texting me. If they are calling about a relationship, I’d like to know the first name of that person as well. Then, I visualize them both standing in front of each other. I observe each one’s behavior. Sometimes I see mutual love. Sometimes I see hesitation from one side. Sometimes I see one of them literally running away.

I then asked my guides to help me understand what it is I just saw, and they will either tell me directly what these visions meant, or they will tell me to pick some tarot cards. I try to avoid the original meaning of the tarot cards and just use my own intuition combined with the visualization I just received. However, some situations are just so complex that I have to request guidance, and in that case I tend to turn to Orula and Elegua to please send me images when I close my eyes. Almost always do they comply, which is why I am so grateful to have them as my guides.

Sometimes I will not do the two person visualization. Instead, I will peer into their heart chakras one by one. And let me tell you, this method has shown me some absolutely absurd, practically nondimensional images. And it doesn’t help that you immediately after I analyze both of their heart chakras, I analyze their third eye chakras. And that’s where the juicy information really lies. What they expect from their future, dream symbols, even sometimes I’ll see their spirit guides in their spirit guides will look at me and I will tell them, I have been called here because someone asked me for my help. If these guides turn aggressive towards me, or do not trust me, I quite simply do not have the patience to deal with idiotic demonic crap. That’s when I call Chango. It does not take Chango very long to rid of these annoying creatures. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSDQkmpNu_4f2bH0kA3L6lc8to27ddII0oAOYZtC7xTT1rSbqOm&usqp=CAU That is an image of Chango, and he knows that the work I do, comes from my heart, and that my heart is good. So when I ask him for his help, and he hast to do something not very nice, we trust each other that we are doing the right thing. But I’ve got to admit, there’s nothing I love more than that beautiful axe he uses to destroy evil in the astral.

I will admit I did not expect this interview process to require so much writing but I suppose I will continue with my methods and traditions. I keep a journal where I have written every single Reiki symbol that can possibly be found on the Internet and I use them on people.Now here is something that you and I might not agree with. But I’m going to say it anyway. I do not believe that a person needs to consent to a Reiki healing. If the intention is good and the result is good, what is the point in consent? Respect? What, do I really need to “show respect” to someone just so I can help them? I perform Reiki on my family and friends without their. asking, And I spit upon the idea that there needs to be some kind of consent between the two parties there. Good is good. That simple.
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