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Dr Khushbu Gulati
Dr Khushbu Gulati
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I have successfully guided many people through the different facets of their life, be it in relationships, career, marriage, finance and the like.
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Hello lovely souls. Myself Dr. Khushbu Gulati. I have pursued my Doctorate in Environmental Sciences. My own spiritual journey turned me towards the divinatory path of Tarot in 2019. So its been more than a year that I have been on this divine path. My interest in Tarot sparked when I started taking personal readings for myself from many psychics as well as intuitive Tarot card readers and many of them actually resonated with me. So the faith in Tarot started becoming more stronger with time as I started delving more into this ancient practice. I started with my own YouTube channel named Tarot Divinations in which I posted Tarot lessons or tutorials for beginners who wanted to learn all about the basics. Now I have my own Facebook page and Instagram handle by the same name. I have been giving general readings as well as also taking personal readings for people for around 10 months now and the experience has been amazing. I have querents from all nationalities and questions mostly pertain to love life, career and finances. Some also enquire about health issues and pregnancy as well. I don't take issues dealing with health and legal matters, but occasionally take pregnancy readings when I really feel that a seeker needs to know something important. I want to make one thing clear that I never take questions which pertain to the gender of a child but only those seekers who want to know if and when they will conceive. The response that I have received from my querents in the form of reviews and visitor posts has been so overwhelming for me. It feels so good to know that you have been able to make a good difference in an individual's life through the help of these readings. I really hope that with my skills, I will be able to continue my spiritual journey on this wonderful platform as well. Looking forward to serving all those who need clarity and guidance in their various life situations. Thank you ! 
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Advisor Interview
My way of approach regarding a client's reading is that I want to give them as much clarity and details as I can provide within their particular situation. I am quite responsive and like to take most of my readings via email or chat, but chat is the most preferred method. International seekers opt for chat readings while the Indian residents either go for chat or phone readings. I like to give much details that's why I prefer readings by chat as I can write as much as I want to and even my typing speed is good, so that's not an issue. I give chat readings live and also after payment has been done, just like the way we give email readings. I like to form an energy bond with my seeker by having their details prior to a reading like their full name, their DOB, their photograph if they are comfortable with that. If their question involves some other person as well, I require the same details for them as well. Before initiating a reading, I always prefer to cleanse my space, my deck as well as my crystals so as to keep any unwanted external influences at bay that can affect the reading of my querent in any way. Then I start on with the reading with a small prayer calling upon the Universe and my dear spirit guides within the reading and requesting them to help guide me towards the best possible outcome for the seeker. I channel messages from my spirit guides and guardian angels for much clear answers regarding my querents situation. I mostly do a three card spread and also like to see the shadow card, that's the card at the bottom of the deck for perceiving the sub-conscious of the querent. I work with questions specifically and mostly take questions in a yes/no format and then I go ahead to pull out the cards while giving detailed answers to the specific questions asked. I am an honest reader and I don't like to sugar coat my readings just to please the seeker. I try to explain the cards according to the situation and I personally believe that our soul lessons are all divinely orchestrated and that we have to trust that whatever is happening is for our best and highest good. We all have to go through our life lessons in order to evolve and grow. Tarot shows us the path that we can follow in order to live our best lives possible, yes definitely our spiritual lessons are fated events but we have the power to change the course of our day to day events through our actions and behavior as we all know that everything is not set in stone. I would also like to give a sample reading here just to let you have an idea about the way I read. I wish love and light to all. Stay blessed always !

Sample read on a question often asked by querents - Will my marriage work ?

In this reading, I have done a 3 card spread along reading the fourth card at the bottom of the deck. These cards came out as per the three card yes/no spread.

"The cards very much say that there are high chances of your marriage working. So the answer to this question seems yes. The first card that I pulled for you is the Ace of Pentacles. This card suggests strong potential of a long term relationship and stability in all prospects, in this case your marriage. The pentacles are related to the element of earth, which gives relationships a steady, generous, and reliable quality. So this is a good card for you. Next is the Nine of Cups. This is another great card which suggests a wish fulfilment, a wish coming true for you, in this case your marriage working. This card indicates an all-time high since the Nine of Cups indicates a healthy and happy sex life. Next card is the Wheel of Fortune. This is also an absolutely amazing card which shows the time turning for you. In a relationship context, the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is also known as the wheel of karma. This is a great reminder that ‘you reap what you sow’. Eventually, you will be facing the consequences of your actions. Therefore this card tells you to just be good and do good. When you are kind to others, they will also be kind to you. Give the kind of energy you also want to receive from others. The Wheel of Fortune shows that some changes may appear into your romantic life. Most of the time, these are positive changes. Now coming to the energy at the bottom of the deck. That’s the Four of Cups. What I feel is that you are currently feeling sort of hopeless, stagnant and stuck within your current situation. This shows that maybe you are somewhat feeling depressed and losing the motivation in life. However, if you stay optimistic and allow yourself to think outside the box and not only focus on the negative or not so good aspects of your life, you will be able to find a way through this. So overall you can expect good things to happen and thus the answer of your first question seems a yes !

Another question which has been asked by many querents for this year, as 2020 was a tumultuous one!

Will I be emotionally satisfied and peaceful in 2021 ?

The answer to this question seems a yes ! The first card pulled is the Ace of Wands. This is a card of potential new beginnings and shows lots of spontaneity and action along with passion and intensity within a situation. This is an intense card that shows passionate new beginnings so I think this sounds good for you ! Maybe you get more actively involved within your business endeavors in 2021 as it’s a card of action, passion and intense creativity along with growth. The other card that I pulled for you is the Ace of Cups. Now this is another very wonderful card that shows the potential of warm new emotional beginnings in your life. This period can fill your heart with love, warmth, abundance and joy so you can expect better and beautiful things to happen within this period for yourself. The other card is the Knight of Pentacles. Now this card can mean laying down the foundation of your dreams and ambitions. You might want to do this in a very planned and a methodical manner. I feel that you will work really hard to reach your goals and will have full faith and confidence that everything will turn out to be a success. This card suggests that someone may also come into your life during this period who can prove to be reliable and trustworthy. This maybe be someone in your professional life I guess. He or she may share your vision and may provide helpful to you in way or the other. This card can also represent a sort of message representing some news which you may be waiting upon since quite some time. This can be about anything that you might be waiting upon. So I think that this can give you the peace and emotional stability that you are craving for. Now coming to the card at the bottom of the deck, that’s the Knight of Cups. This card indicates that all you want to do is moving forward in a way that is beneficial to your overall happiness and emotional health. You really want to chase your dreams and pursue your passions. The card shows that you really want to explore avenues that seem likely to better your future. So I believe that yes, you will be in a much better position emotionally in 2021.
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