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Holographic Clairvoyance
Plugging into the ether to deliver accurate, inspiring messages. My objective is to act like a rainbow and offer clients a moment of luck, magic, and illumination. Prepare to see what cannot be seen consciously.
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My psychic energy really started heightening a few years back after I started dealing with some trauma, and took up a daily hot yoga practice. Eventually I went on to do a Yoga Teacher Training; when I was around halfway through, I got my first deck of tarot cards.

I've committed to the meditation work and intuition practice; naturally I am confident to share my psychic energy with a larger audience. I simply wish to use ESP to the best of my abilities, as professionally as possible, in order to help others find insight and iridescent light.

Flying Pig
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Hot Yoga
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~Danke schön, ganz Magie für ganz viel Glück~
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My reading style is comforting and inspirational. What I do in a reading is connect, and then deliver what I got. You can expect: an answer to your question in a timely manner, subconscious insight, an intuitive reading, and possible predictions with details. I explore both the positive and the negative; I always find a balance in the messages I deliver to my clients.
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