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Get love & life advice from a clairvoyant advisor.
I have guided many people through challenging relationships and life situations, with positive thinking, encouragement, prayer and various uplifting methods.
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My gifts are spiritual from God. As a child I felt I could "read" people. Intuitively, I have always been connected to the spirit world. I see angels in human and angelic form. I have had miraculous life changing and life saving experiences. I talk to God and we have a close relationship. On December 16, 2018, God let me know that I am on the right track in life. I do communicate with the deceased as they come to me with messages, spend time, or help me in some way. This includes a close departed family member, an infamous celebrity, and other souls on the other side. Family has seen a departed soul come through me.

Our Lord sends psychics to me and I have received some readings over the years. God sent a Palm Reader to me on November 30, 2018, to give me preparation and discuss my past, present, and future. He told me things I had only discussed with God. About ten years ago, a great psychic told me I was clairvoyant. I dream in color. I have visions that connect to my real life situations & circumstances. I know a lot of my life before it happens. I can hear clear messages as I am clairaudient. My body does experience physical movements which are signs for me. I have connected with animals including birds and butterflies. I have learned so much about myself. I know I am on Ascension right now and I am excited to continue to evolve and watch my gifts flourish.

People easily sense that I am a kind, loving, caring, helpful, and a warm person. I continue to give advice to perfect strangers throughout my life. Family, friends, and people come to me for guidance often and I am so happy to help. I am a positive and very encouraging person. I see the good in everything. As a happy soul I may make you laugh through my humorous side. I do maintain a balance of professionalism. I have a deep connection with people and I have a lot of personal life experience. I have training as a Life Coach. I earned a MAED in Education with a Specialization In ELL, BA in Communications, & an AA in Computer Business Technology. I am a teacher by nature and I have worked as a Communications Professor.

Remember, we all have free will. I am not a licensed PH.D professional. My advice; listen & follow God, doctors, and your intuition.

Happiness & Abundance!
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I am a good balance of comfort, clarity and understanding. I am responsive and do my readings via chat or phone. Here’s what you can expect. First, A warm greeting. Second, I will ask your name and if you want a general, love, career, money, or spiritual guidance reading. Third, I will provide your theme of the day and your past, present and future outcome. Fourth, if you wish to continue, I will ask you to either silently or verbally ask one specific question. Then, I will proceed with selecting one of my fun methods to continue your reading. For example: Star of the Sea, the Mysterious Deep, Weekly, Monthly, etc. I may use various card decks as clarifiers. Finally, I will conclude with gratitude and a positive message of the day.

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