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Truth N Tarot The Guide To Your Intuition
I offer support to my clients during their reading. I don't guide you know what's best for you. I'm only here to give you a clearer picture and encourage you to use that information to take control over the situation.
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When brought my first tarot deck I never thought it was going to be a career. It wasn't until a year of reading for myself and felt the amount of self-awareness and confidence I had developed using them. That's where the real value of a tarot reading resides. The reading only begins with when we discover the likely outcome. If you stop there then you relinquish your control. But if we continue we can use the cards to find practical solutions. I find great satisfaction watching people realize that they don't have to allow that outcome. Even if it can't be completely mitigated we can find ways that can better help you cope with whatever will happen. Its amazing to start a reading with someone who maybe anxious, afraid, or indecisive and by the end the situation is at minimum has relief in having a plan and the best part is that they come to their conclusion and are taking actions that they decided on. They have really solved their own problem. I just interpret the cards to see if they are missing any information and not impose myself on their reading. I will say because my job is to interpret the cards so that you can have as much information and perspectives as possible and if I only said the happy or easy things I'm really doing you a disservice and avoiding those things out waters the tarot down to a parlor trick. The real magic in tarot is the truth in it. Needless to say yes this a passion but I take it very seriously because it can be transformative.
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You can expect honesty. You can expect that no matter what we uncover you will leave being better prepared for it or found a way to avoid it and won't need anyone but yourself to change that course. From start to finish you will know that it was your reading because Im going to constantly ask for your input or what you would like to happen. This isn't to annoy you its so I can ask the cards specific questions so you can get relevant answers.
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