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About Me
Marlina Montoya is a practicing energy reader and healer. Marlina was born with Native American blood. Someone in her DNA line opened a portal to the unseen world. Therefore, she was awakened at a young age. She has traveled through life trying to force herself to follow the path that society has laid out - even went as far as graduating from a prestigious college: UCSD. The more she tried to turn away from the spiritual path and towards society, the more the universe pulled her back. Today, Marlina has accepted her divine responsibilities to awaken herself and others.
Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
Affirmations Angel Readings Aura Cleansing Chakra Cleansing Clairvoyant
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Meditation, cleansing, connecting to your energy, reading your chakras and energy field, card pulling, number synchronization, and separation cleansing.
You will not learn of your future or be told about your past. Put simply, the reading will be an energetic mirror. If you decide to truly look into the mirror, you will be shown your current: mind state, soul state, triumphs, and tribulations.
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