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Starr Eye Steph
Starr Eye Steph
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Obtain clarity from an expert tarot reader.
I've guided many clients through difficult situations such as break-ups and relationship issues. I'm gifted with aura readings and reading people generally.
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About Me
I have about 2 years of psychic experience. Being psychic is my passion because I love to help and to guide others toward their true life path. It started off as an innocent interest in reiki and then I gradually grew to work with angel cards, oracle decks, and tarot cards. I have strong beliefs and I believe that they come out in all of my readings. I aim to be as compassionate as possible and to also be honest/open.
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Empath Clairvoyant Clairaudient Aura Cleansing Angel Readings
Advisor Interview
I am both compassionate and honest. I try not to give too much advice but rather, get the client to think about and evaluate their own life path. I enjoy connecting with clients more deeply. Given that I am very empathic, I am also gifted with aura readings and consider myself to be extremely clairsentient.
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