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Tarot Readings and Angelic Healing by Thorne
I am a professional Tarot reader, and Reiki Master of over ten years. I have guided many clients through career clarity, romantic entanglements, and spiritual healing.
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About Me
I am a Reiki Master, Certified Angel Healer, and professional Tarot reader of over ten years. I have experienced clairvoyance, and clairaudience since the age of three years old. As I grew older, I learned how to channel these strange little gifts into tools that I can use to help others. I have guided everyone from movie producers and fashion designers, to students and mothers.
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I am ready to listen to you, and believe you. I am direct, and will tell you what messages and cards I am receiving from Spirit with accuracy, and without platitudes. You can expect a call with me to begin with angelic guidance, and a Tarot spread custom made to your specific situation. If you have any further questions, I will pull clarifying cards, and call upon the Archangels to guide and protect you long after we have said our good-byes.
PLEASE NOTE that energy healing and psychic readings are not substitutes for medical, legal, or psychological advice.
About Thorne & Tarot Advisors
Thorne has been a PsychicCenter guide since 2019. By receiving intuitive guidance in the Tarot Readers category, Thorne has helped clients find peace and tranquility within PsychicCenter's completely secure and confidential platform.
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