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Psychic Readings by Noema Zosia
My name is Neoma and I have been an empath for as long as I can remember. The older I got the more I started looking into this energy connection. Over the years I have honed this energy into the gift of psychic readings.
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Since I was a child I noticed that I was more sensitve to the world around me than most people. From feeling the emotions of other people to feeling like things were going to happen before they did and watching those things come true. All of this energy made me extremely anxious through most of my childhood until I explored where this energy was coming from. A few years ago I began to channel this reception of energy into psychic readings. Using the energy this way relived my anxiety and opened an entirely new world for me. I realized that I have been drawn to this type of work my entire life. I work with tarot cards, pendulum readings, astrology, and dream analysis.
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Pendulum Tarot Astrology - Western Dream Exploration Empath
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Using my gifts I am able to give accurate readings through tarot, astrology, pendulum, and dream analysis that will help to guide you through life in a way that promotes happiness and inner peace. I work with positive energy to benifit you and give clrarity to things that are troubling you.
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