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I get right to the heart of your situation and guide you to the right questions so you can get the answers to give you peace of mind.
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I became a reader because I needed an outlet for my abilities and a safe and "appropriate" space to do what I do. The desire to use these gifts in order to help others is very important to me as I believe that is what they were meant for for God. I know that our modern society and the chemicals, 5G, and lower vibrational energy out in the world inhibits our intuition, especially fluoride in our water. natural resources are very important to me and keeping our minds and body as free as possible from toxins makes us healthier and gives us better intuition. I am very sensitive to the modern world and it's technology. I try to keep away from these modern conveniences as much as possible in order to give the best readings possible for my clients. I practice prayer and meditation on a daily basis so I can stay clear and ground from the readings that I do. This is a good practice if you are also receiving readings.

My most rewarding experiences with clients are when they can connect with a departed loved one and receive the information and healing that they desperately need in order to move on. This also helps the loved one hanging on from moving to the other side get to where they need to be. I also love to help remove energy attachments because the soul's sigh of relief is such an amazing experience for reader and client.
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Skills & Methods
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Advisor Interview

I can provide Psychic, medium, tarot and astrology readings for clients. I allow the client to choose which tools if any that they prefer. If they don't have a preference I will just use what I feel will work which is usually a combination. Usually I will start out with psychic skills and then use tarot for details then astrology for timing and best indicators for the clients' questions and goals. if a client is uncomfortable with the esoteric I can easily switch into Life Coach mode.It is always challenging to read for a non-believer and is always a major challenge, however, it is also one of the most rewarding when someone can see with their spiritual eyes for the first time. These types of clients often become the best and most favorite as they tend to come back to their original experience with me, the reader.

The connection between reader and client is my favorite thing about readings. As an empath the feeling that I get when a client opens up after being twisted up in a negative energy field is amazing. Healing energy flowing through the connection is wonderful and opens up even more information for the client.

My services are unique because I am versatile as far as types of readings and I can usually sense what the client feels, every person is different as to how open they are. I can also sense when negative energies are attached to the client, I can sometimes feel those energies' discomfort as the client is trying to detach. It is important to recognize these energies as they can be picked up anywhere. negative energy fields like cemeteries, hospitals, haunted houses, battle sites etc. Psychic energy attacks from witchcraft, narcissists and trauma are the most popular ways that these energies attach to us. Once removed our energy is freed up and we become more powerful and vibrate to higher frequency which allows for better communication, relationships, career accolades etc.

I also have a lot of experience as a reader and a lot of life experience so I can make a client feel comfortable as I have seen and heard so much that I have a lot of understanding when it comes to "weird".

What can you expect from a reading session with me?

1. First, I will ask you to take deep breaths all the way from your diaphragm (none of us breather enough) to clear your mind of clutter and to center your energy and think about what it is you really want to know. Also, it is a good idea for you to have a relaxing beverage near at hand to comfort you. Sometimes we really aren't sure what we want to know, just that something is wrong or is nagging at us and we need to separate the noise in our heads from the true quest for answers from our hearts and our guts.

2. I practice deep listening so I really hear what you are saying and can pick up on the energy of your voice and also, what is not being said. Clients need someone who really listens, none of us are really heard in this busy society. This heart centered listening is sometimes the key to many problems because it may just be in a language that your partner may not understand and looking at their Venus and Mercury placements can really help you to communicate with them in a vernacular that they can fully relate to and understand. Together we can also use astrology to find the optimal time for you to approach your partner whether it be love, family or business.

3. I will choose an appropriate tool for your question, or you can choose from Tarot, astrology, mediumship, etc. Sometimes more than one are required as in when tarot will fill in details and astrology will give the best timing. A combination also helps to verify answers given from another tool. So when the same answer arrives with details extracted from each tool, the answers are extremely accurate and powerful, ( it is okay to say if you do not like or trust a particular tool, sometimes no tools are needed).

4. I will use the tools I/you/we have chosen and read the answer. Sometimes I may need to ask a few brief qu
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