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Im Anastasia And I’m Here To Deliver Answers
I have helped many clients in person and also over social media with the most difficult times in their lives Brake ups divorce separation losing a loved one I can help give you the peace of mind you seek for your situation
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Hello and welcome to my page. my name is Anastasia I have over 12 years of experience with my gift of clairvoyance and Clairaudience. I am a honest kind and caring advisor. what makes me one of a kind is my gift of Clairaudience. which helps me to be able to not only see what your future holds through your spirit guides. but i am also able to hear what it is exactly what you need to know from your guides. to get you back on to your rightful path in life. I specialize in love and relationships. family. friends. career. and finances as well. I hope to speak with you soon. many blessings love peace and light
Advisor Interview
Whenever you call me to get in tune with your future, please note that I will not tell you what you want to hear but what i see clearly. I am bold with my gift and I will explain with as much detail as possible. I wont just say yes or no to your questions but will also give you the insight from the universe. i help in all matters of life but i mainly focus on love and relationships helping with love and relationships really is one of my biggest joys it is my calling I have a passion for what I do when it comes to reuniting lovers and helping people when their relationships have taken a turn for the worst with my gift of clairvoyance and Clairaudience not only am i able to connect with your spirit guides to give you the insight that you seek but i am also able to connect with another person you would want to inquire about to connect with there energy and guides to give you information on how that person really feels or what there true intentions are for you whether you may be in a relationship with this person or if you are surrounded by people that you might have to cut out of your life for good in order to rebalance your positive energy back into your life
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