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Traveling Tarot card and energy reader.
I specialize in divine relationships and soulmate unions. I help people gain the clarity they are searching for so they can guide their higher self towards their soul mates.
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About Me
I have always had the ability to read others energy and feel their emotions. I discovered my ability to read tarot cards unintentionally. My partner at the time laid some cards down in front of her, and I could just read them, and understood what they meant. That's how discovered she was cheating on me. Before that time, I never even believed in tarot cards. My brother died in 2012, and has been my guide through my spiritual journey ever since. He guided me through the most difficult time of my life. During the next 6 years I lost two of my best friends, one to drug addiction, and another was murdered. My sister in-law (and my best friend) took her own life in 2016, driving my last remaining brother off the edge with drugs. He lost everything, including his three children, and now is in prison. Then in 2017 I discovered my partner of six years was cheating on me, and she left me for him. All this chaos drove me into the darkest place I've ever been in my life. I tried to take my own life. But something happened in me, my higher self had awoken, and I fought to live! Ever since that day, I have lived my life so grateful to be in this world, and I see things different then i use to. I packed a bag of clothes and my tarot cards and I left towards Oregon (home). I went from a stubborn atheist to a traveling tarot card reader in a matter of months. During my travels, I manifested everything I need with my wits, charm, and tarot cards. I found myself being so good at it, I decided to start a career path reading tarot cards, and helping people. And now here I am!!
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I can sense when you are troubled, and will bring up the subjects that your soul is dying to talk about, but your mouth refuses to speak. I use the cards to bring out the things in your mind that you already know but are too afraid to tackle. I will no longer let you choose to ignore your intuition, and bring out the best part of you! I will make you feel comfortable enough to share what you really need to get off of your chest and when you are done you will feel like a weight has been uplifted off your shoulders! I will help you face your troubles without judgement and with compassion and understanding. And we can work together to bring out your higher self so you may march forward towards your best path. I can help you recognize friend from foe, and karmic partner from soul mate. I can help you ready yourself for your true partner in life, and take you step by step to the plain you must be at for the universe to deliver you your soulmate.
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