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Astrological Advice from a Mystic helper.
I’ve helped many clients that are close to me and, also strangers in everyday passing who were not known by me to guide them in the right path to understand standing themselves more emotionally,mentally, and spiritually.
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About Me
I am a modern day Astrologist, I've been honing my craft for 12+ years while focusing on Relationship Natal Birth chart Astrology of the 5/7/8th houses in a single or couples chart.
I started realizing i could sense someones energy via elementary school due to the range of emotions that the person was experiencing about his friend moving away to another state, and also during that same situation over hearing what someone else said in the background along the words of "why is he crying over the guy leaving? that's "insert vulgar comment here" granted we were young but, my soul knew exactly it wasn't right with what they had said and this experience stuck with me ever since and has shaped me into who i am today.
Along with that, I've been studying the human characteristic/personality since my adolescent years which moved me into this path,
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Advisor Interview
I like to take a step back and listen to the clients concerns first and foremost. Giving my undivided attention to them so I will take every word in before I answer in the best light that i can. What you can expect from your first reading is to understand how you really are and how you really connect with people when you’re at work,home,with friends, family, or lovers.
before we begin i ask that you just be comfortably sit and genuinely be your authentic self.
I am a dedicated,observant,empathetic soul. when it comes to helping people in their current situation and to help deepen the connection to knowing their true selves through their planets/houses when they were first born.
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