Your Satisfaction
is Our Priority
Our goal is to provide you someone to turn to when you need it most. We want every conversation with an advisor to be insightful. If it isn't, we're committed to make it right for you.
If at any time during the first 5 (five) or fewer minutes of your consultation you feel that you're having a less than satisfactory experience, whether due to technical issues or otherwise, we will credit a maximum of 5 (five) minutes back into your account at the per-minute rate charged for the call.
Please note, calls made from a cell phone frequently cause disconnection issues for many reasons:
  • Not enough minutes in your plan
  • Losing signal while driving or walking
  • Bad reception area
  • Low battery
  • Accidentally pushing a key during the consultation
Calls that are disconnected at the user's end will not be reimbursed.
Request Satisfaction Guarantee Credit
Note: PsychicCenter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve, deny or issue a partial credit for any request.
*Satisfaction Guarantee credits are issued in PsychicCenter dollars, which may be used on future conversations. You're permitted to be reimbursed for three unsatisfactory experiences in your lifetime. Only conversations that occur within the past 72 hours are eligible for reimbursement.