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Mystical Guidance In Life, Love & Faith
I can articulate the divination my Clairsentience reveals. It is an auspicious time to ask your pondered question and receive a blessing. May all your days be blessed and you walk in the light…
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About Me
I have 5 years of experience working from my home office. Readings for my family, friends and acquaintances as well as clients gained by word of mouth and print based ads. I started to a family and the work in my home became impossible. My son is off to school and it has been recently that I began to seek a network to fulfill this calling I have to help others.

My focus is balance & light. I am Clairsentient. I am beyond sensitive to energy, vibrations and sensations of other people, places and things. I can connect and feel at a very great distance as well.
Miles have no meaning, time becomes relative. Mindful of this gift at a young age I became empowered with skills & techniques practiced in study & contemplation.

I'm an Astrologer using in combination Western & Chinese Astrology. This combination is based on lunar (Chinese) and solar (Western) cycles. You can't have day without night. The combination reveals an
answer that is uniquely familiar and relative to the asker. I read using my natural-born gifts, past-life experience and my very pragmatic nature.

I'm Scandinavian and my genealogy is a great part of my essence. I am a Rynstr (Rune Caster). I am called to practice this most powerful of all divinatio. Runes are holy. As I cast the old wisdom speaks. The Divination represents the whole in a unified way. The runes order themselves to mirror the reality of the one who asks.
Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Love/Relationships Family/Friends Money/Prosperity
Skills & Methods
Astrology – Chinese Astrology - Western Clairsentient Runes
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Objectivity & guidance are essential to the reading. I will be your guide. Serenity & balance will be restored. I will give a reading that has your well being first and foremost.

My favorite topic to read on is love, romance and relationships. I’m going to be honest but there is no sugar coating yet you will sense my care for your spirit, well being and my lack of judgement.

When you find yourself wanting more from life, just give me a call.
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