Emailing Your Psychic Advisor Securely

What is Mail?
Mail is a free and confidential way to message advisors. Your real email address is never used, so your privacy is always maintained.
Is Mail free?
Yes, Mail is completely free.
What are the different types of mail?
PsychicCenter offers Regular mail and Send Payment.
  • Regular Mail: is for sending simple messages and attachments.
  • Send Payment: is for sending payments to specific advisors along with a message.
How do I send Mail?
Visit Mail and select compose.
What is a Mail reading?
Some Keen advisors offer readings or answers to questions via Mail.
How can I request a Mail reading?
Requesting a Mail reading is easy. You may reach the advisor via Mail to request this service, some advisors provide how to request a Mail reading from them in their Listing.
How long should I wait for my advisor to reply to a Mail reading?
Please allow 10 business days for the advisor to respond to a Paid Mail.
What if I'm not satisfied with my email reading?
We want every email reading you purchase on PsychicCenter to be a satisfactory experience. If it isn't, we'll credit your account for the email reading, in accordance with our Satisfaction Guarantee policy.