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Psychic/Spiritualist and a natural born healer
My name is Hero. I have wisdom and knowledge of spirituality. I can aid you in transforming your life to a level you may have never thought possible through practices such as Reiki, Tarot, chakra cleansing, and aura cleansing
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About Me
I am a very deep and compassionate clairvoyant who has been professionally helping clients for over 20 years. My ability came to light when I was just 12 years old. My grandmother had a profound influence on my training during my formative years. The majestic and holistic nature of my skills comes from my grandmother's training. I am very intuitive, compassionate, and work directly with spirit guides and their Divine support. My specialties are in the field of love, in particular family relationships, soulmates, twin flames, and the course of life and sympathies. My tarot cards are used to communicate with the spirit for analysis and deeper knowledge of one's problems. My work includes energy healing through Reiki. In a reading with me, I will convey to you the messages from the spirit through Chakra Affirmations, Meditation, and Crystal suggestions. I am a natural-born healer and I will make sure that one has the support and tools necessary to bring light into their lives. I strongly believe that a healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.
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Skills & Methods
Tarot Reiki Affirmations Chakra Cleansing Aura Cleansing
Advisor Interview
My qualities include compassion but direct. My respect is with the spirit world. The information that the spirit conveys to me will be told to my clients directly in the most compassionate yet direct way possible. In my readings, I will use deep meditation, candles, crystals, and Tarot Cards to tap into the Spirit World. My main goal would be to send positive vibes to lift the vibrations of my clients to see the positive light in any situation. I will convey the messages from the spirit world in the most profound way so that my clients can manifest the life of their dreams.
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