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Helped more than than 45000 people worldwide.Know what your man/woman thinks ABOUT YOU & RELATIONSHIP & What their TRUE FEELINGS are. Please do read my profile..
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About Me
I belong to the community of people with extrasensory perception who always use this extraordinary gift from God to help people transform their lives. I am always positive, compassionate and willing to help. People trust me more than their loved ones most of the time. I have an extensive background in dealing with crisis situations and working with individuals going through extreme emotional turmoil. I am caring, compassionate, non-judgmental and most of all able to give you clarity on your future.

I have 29 years’ experience in helping people solving their relationship & life issues. Lived in many Ashrams with sages learning yoga , tantra under “the vows of working for humanity”. I use positive behavior inculcation therapy and situational analysis for solving relationship conflicts. Self-accountability, personal grooming and self development are the part of her counseling techniques. As a life coach & therapist, I believe in generating and amplifying clients’ own powers and directing them towards spiritual enlightenment. In fact, we all have latent powers within ourselves and the only thing we need is a gentle push in the right direction and a proper guidance afterwards.
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She does not need tools to help you through those difficult times and get you back on the path that is right for you. The path that will lead you to happiness we all deserve. Her readings are accurate, precise & informative. She can reach to the depth of your soul and can answer all ques that come to your mind regarding love, relationships, finance, career, education, children and so on. --Angelic Cards - Love & Relationship - Soulmate Connections - Reuniting loved ones - Breaking up & Divorce - Cheating & affairs - Single & Dating - Same Sex Relationships - Intimacy - Career - Family - Past Life - Clairvoyant - Astrology - Twin Flames - Dream Interpretation - Numerology

I have a wide range of clients all over the world covering approx 25 countries like USA, England, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan and many more.
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