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I had an aunt that I was very close to when I was small. She also had these abilities. She knew I had the same gift but never said anything to me until years later. She pretty much waited until I started asking questions about some of the things that were happening to me. She was pretty well known and I started doing readings with her. I guess I was like her little sidekick.
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As soon as i connect with you, I have a very unique ability to grab your energy through my empathic gift and feel your emotions, feelings and desire. As soon as that is accomplished (almost instantaniously) , we jump to the next step and ascertain the feelings and emotions of your person in question and find out what his/her feelings and energy is like as well. During our time together on either chat or talk, you will have a much better knowledge of the situation based on the psychic aspect, but even more important then that is we will devise a plan/strategy based on the culmination of all this energy. Our entire lives and the choices that we make is based on cause and effect. Let us plan the best possible outcome of your love interest in the most honest and caring way possible.
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