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Tarot and Oracle card readings
I have been a Tarot and Oracle card reader for over 10 years. I am an Empath and I have recently decided to embrace my Clairaudient gifts. I specialize in relationship readings.
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provide intuitive tarot and oracle card readings. I'm fully capable of supporting myself outside of reading so you can rest assured that I am NOT out to take advantage of anyone- I'm simply sharing my gift :-) My tarot decks of choice are the Book of Shadows deck and the Gilded Tarot deck. For my oracle card readings i use: The Butterfly Oracle, Angel Answers, Wisdom of the House of Night, The Soul's journey lesson cards, The Psychic Tarot for the Heart, Easy Astrology Oracle cards, Gateway Oracle cards, The Universe Has Your Back, Zen cards, the Romance Angels, and finally lol, Indigo Angel Oracle cards. You as the querent have the option of choosing whatever deck YOU feel drawn to. I find this empowering as it helps you tap into your own intuition and choose the message your soul wants to hear. I really don't like to hold back what I see, even if makes no sense to ME. I generally deliver my readings within a few hours (sometimes we need to know NOW; been there, done that ;-)) . If you are looking for a genuine reading with a compassionate reader who will show you tough love if needed, book with me :-)
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I don't believe in telling anyone what they want to hear but no matter the issue, i deliver my readings with compassion. I am doing this from the bottom of my heart and not to rip anyone off. I am just the messenger :-)
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