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Delora Hoeft
Delora Hoeft
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Channeling Sacral Chakra through My Tarot for You
I channel sacral chakra and harness its power with my healing crystals to divine the truth for you! My cards have brought much needed clarity to my own life and I'd like to share that gift with you.
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About Me
I was a sensitive child and spoke to spirits. I could feel positive and negative energies and commonly tell my parents when something tragic had happened in a certain place. I lost my gift after a trauma, but found years later that I was still sensitive to energies and could talk to my long lost friend and spirit guide again through divination tools such as Tarot, Lenormand, and pendulums.
Perhaps after more training I will be able to access my true gifts once more. In the mean time, let's play cards!
Women’s Issues Infidelity Breakups/Divorce Love/Relationships Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
Tarot Pendulum Clairsentient Clairvoyant Cartomancy
Advisor Interview
I am very empathic and sensitive to other's energies. I am adept at picking up energies through the written word. Writing style can tell much about a person and reveal even more to a clairvoyant like myself. If you are shy we can certainly build rapport via live chat and not sacrifice accuracy. That said I do prefer phone conferences so we can jive better.
In a typical reading, I will pull a number of cards and intuit them for you. You can feel free to ask me to clarify or even explore a different question at any time. You are in control of the readings. My goal is to help you see all sides of a situation so that you can make the best choice for you and your spiritual well-being. Clarity is key in all things!
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